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2019-01-20 10:47:22

Right now I enjoy some time with my family at my parents' house, so I can't really provide a big update this time. Nonetheless, I uploaded some nice Xenoblade Chronicles X images to the corresponding gallery.

You see, I never got into Xenosaga, but last year I tried out Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and now I'm playing the predecessor, although they are not so much connected, story-wise. I already have Xenoblade Chronicles 3D available to my disposal, which I think I'm going to play after I finished X.

It's a really great series and I'm impressed by Monolith Soft. They did a great job!

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2019-01-17 13:24:38

I just edited the last news entry - it promoted a new "revies" :D

This time I have a new moment for you - The battle system of Child of Light. I still like to listen to the music of that game and remember that moment.

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2019-01-17 13:23:14

It's a bigger update this time.

First of all, you can see some more information about this sites' background on the new selected versions history page. But I assume you're not here to dive into rpg-o-mania's past.

So I also have a new review of Phantasy Star online for you.

Enjoy the content. I enjoyed creating it!

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